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Located on River Road in Tonawanda, NY, we are proud to focus on providing the highest quality material needed for your home or business. As a branch of Pariso Logistics Inc., Woodlands advances our 52 year reputation of committed customer service and extends that level of superior service to our residential consumers as well as our fellow professionals for your landscaping, contracting and/or plumbing jobs. With various limestone products, decorative stones and specific sands, we make the workday easier by having every thing you need in one place. We also screen our own topsoil, compose our own leaf compost and carry natural and black mulch. Give us a call or come visit our location, we’d love to work with you!

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New Jersey Cream
Zebra Stone
2" Red River Rock
Desert Fire
Carbon Granite
Bella Red
Rosy Pink
Oversized Sand Dune
Frost White
Red River Tailings
Small Sand Dune
Insight Rose

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